Wednesday, December 26, 2007

super duper christmas day pooper

I know that many blogs are begun with the best of intentions; that they are lovingly maintained for a handful of entries before becoming heavy chains of guilt and burden around one’s neck and either shamefacedly deleted or left to drift through the barren electronic channels of the vast tranquil cyber sea. I know this: The House-Fukazawa Gazette (defunct), The Jellyroll Morton Admirer (deleted), Charles Bronson Watch (defunct), The Can Soda Review (defunct), The Bacon Action Network Newsletter (deleted in disgust after eating too much bacon), etc, etc, etc. My first blog Snowglobe will be deleted at the end of this year by the server because I don’t want to pay to maintain it. There is some pure genius in there but I am not saving any of it. Dust in the wind, baby, all we are is dust in the wind.

Dear reader, I will not let this happen to Gravy days!!! I am on a holiday hiatus. Posting here just one picture today from our Christmas Eve party; I could win a Nobel Prize for this one: Macaroni and Cheese with a tater tot cheddar cheese crust. My dad asked me where I found the recipe and I explained to him that I saw it in a dream. It was quite good actually. The macaroni and cheese was homemade. The tater tots were bought in a giant frozen bag. I fired them in the convection oven while I made my cheese sauce and then put the crunchy tater tots over the top of the macaroni before adding a final layer of cheddar and then baking it in the oven. I also made collard greens and pulled pork shoulder. Yesterday I ate so much leftover collard greens and pulled pork…oh, and cornbread, that I was sick all night and I couldn’t sleep. But that is what the holidays are for: putting on the Christmas tonnage to protect oneself from the harsh coming winter months…

ps. today's blog was sponsored by coca-cola and we ask: what's a holiday gathering without a few 2 liter coca-colas sitting around??

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