Thursday, December 6, 2007

That Tuna Thang

I don’t know about you but I love canned seafood. I love just about any food that comes in a can actually. It’s raining in San Francisco today. And what better on a rainy day than Tuna Egg Supreme? My wife and I enjoy playing a version of Iron Chef that we like to call Ghetto Cookin’. Basically Ghetto Cookin’ usually arrives on those tight days just prior to the immaculate reception of the pay check when the refrigerator holds little that is appealing but our bellies are grumbling for grub. My pay check is still five days out so it looks like we are going to be getting on some serious Ghetto Cookin’ action. The rules are simple: take what you’ve got and make a decent meal. I think our low point or high point depending on how you want to look at it was wedges of cheese garnished with pickle relish. This morning Yoshimi has raised the bar or lowered the bar depending on how you want to look at it with her marvelous Tuna Egg Supreme recipe. What the fuck is it?! I know you are probably asking. It’s a simple one pot concoction of fried eggs, diced red onion, and canned tuna. Mmmmm, now that’s good eatin. As luck would have it we have some bread so we’ve toasted that up and we are going to eat the tuna egg scramble like an open faced sandwich. It looks gross, I know. Note to wife: baby, we really should spend more money on groceries….

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