Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A sauce is for slathering

The Boar and Castle was a drive-in restaurant that operated in Greensboro NC from 1929 until 1980. Situated in a building that looked like a castle at the corner of Walker Ave and West Market Street, it was an institution that many Greensboro residents grew up with. The Boar and Castle wasn't a fancy pants hamburger palace. It was a hamburger joint that served burgers, fries, onion rings, roast beef sandwiches, and shakes. It was the kind of place where families could get together and clog their arteries and make memories that would last a shortened life time. Few places like The Boar and Castle are still around. They have been bulldozed and dismantled in favor of Taco Bells and Applebee's. My parents used to double date with their friends at "The Castle" as it was affectionately known by the locals. And when I was a young tot I had my first taste of Saturated fat sitting in the bucket seats of my father's brand spanking new AMC Gremlin parked in the lot of The Boar and Castle where you could still get served in the comfort of your own grotesque automobile by a car hop. I pine for those days of yore before the advent of the drive-thru window which irrevocably changed the landscape of our hamburger nation forever. Tyler Florence, you should be stoned to death for endorsing Applebee's, but then again it is so obvious that you are a frat boy gone to corpulent seed.

All is not lost though as it is still possible to get your mother to send you bottles of The Boar and Castle's famous sauce, that is if your mother lives in Greensboro NC. Otherwise it is available online here:http://carolinasauce.stores.yahoo.net/boandcasa.html. As the label on the bottle will tell you Boar and Castle sauce is for Beef, Chicken, Fries, and Seafood; it is for seasoning and cooking. Hell, you can drink it if you want to. The base of the sauce is mustard, tomato, and vinegar but the ingredients list also claims anchovies, tamarind, and garlic as key components. When the restaurant was still in operation this sauce was poured over everything and no one complained. The Boar and Castle no longer stands. I am not exactly sure what is in its place now, I believe it may be one of those convenience store gas station combos where you can nuke a hamburger bagged in plastic shipped from Denver and pretend it is a meal. As far as the sauce goes it is still the best thing going for dipping just about anything in: sushi, meatballs, chicken nuggets, I even like to pour it on my favorite korean bbq. If you are ever in Greensboro stop by a Food Lion or a Winn-Dixie and pick yourself up a bottle or two. Oh, and say hello to my mama.


happyrobot said...

My parents also went on double dates at the Boar & Castle.

I suppose Castle sauce is Greensboro's own HP sauce.

Admin said...

I'm from Greensboro and remember the Castle all too well and love B & C Sauce but cannot find it here.
Ask your parents if they remember Nuckles BBQ...that was my father. He was basically, one of the first to open a BBQ restaurant in Greensboro. He was in business for over 60 years.

Deb Nuckles-Burnside

Tom Dawg said...

For Greensboro kids if you went to Senior High or later Grimsley your Friday or Saturday night wasn't complete unless you had cruised "the Castle".

RUNTAG said...


Really nice sauce,spicy,tasty,i like it . With roasted meat its perfect.
Have a nice days.


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